Metabolism in our body is a complex system, which is quite difficult to manage. Nevertheless, there are some subtleties and cunnings that allow to speed up metabolic processes, to activate faster processing of calories coming from food, and to break down accumulated fats.

So, here are 5 basic rules for accelerating the metabolism you should adhere to, if you want to lose weight faster.

Rule № 1: Drink more water

Do you drink enough water, 2 liters per day? Then drink even more! The more your body weight, the more water you need to consume. None of the metabolic processes in cells do not occur without water participation, moreover, it helps to break down fat cells and “wash” them out from the body, from blood vessels, not allowing to settle on the walls. Forget about tea, coffee, juices, and soda. About juice and soda – for sure, but tea and coffee can be consumed, but without sugar. These drinks are not considered water; water should be pure and non-carbonated, and consumed in the amount of at least 2-2.5 liters per day.

more water

Rule № 2: eat more often

This does not mean to eat more food. Just split your daily diet into five food intakes, rather than three usual meals. Snacks should be between the main meals, such as banana, apple, yogurt or cottage cheese, but not harmful products like sweet, biscuits, or rolls. If to make big breaks between meals, the blood sugar level falls, the body begins to prepare for starvation and deposits all the consumed calories deep inside in the form of fat. However, if you eat more often, the sugar level is at an optimal level and the body expends the calories consumed. That is why hunger is excluded at all; the metabolism will only slow down, so avoid strict diets.

eat more often

Rule № 3: breakfast is a must!

Recently, scientists from the United States conducted a study confirming the importance of breakfast. It gives not only energy charge for a long time, but also increases the total calorie expenditure during the day until late in the evening. Those who have a nutritious breakfast (complex carbohydrates – cereals, oatmeal, muesli, proteins – eggs or dairy products, fats – butter, sea fish, etc.) expend approximately 1.5 times more calories per day than those who skip morning meal. Moreover, when taking exercise (no matter, in the morning or in the evening), calories burning also occurs much more intensively – by about two times!


Rule № 4: more physical activity

Do you know that physical activity helps to boost metabolism much better than different “miracle products” like green tea, chili and spices? Herewith, many fitness trainers advise interval cardio-loads, such as run at the speed limit for 30-60 seconds, and then rest in the form of fast walking, rather than monotonous ones such as fast walking or running at the same pace. There are many such examples, and they are applicable not only to running, but also to other exercises that can be performed in the gym, on the sports ground, as well as at home. This approach will allow to process calories more intensively and burn fat more actively, even after the workout is over.

more physical activity

Rule № 5: more protein and muscle mass

In addition to cardio training, do not forget about strength exercises. Working with weight, aimed at building muscle mass, will make your body toned and sculpted. In people with a high percentage of muscles, the metabolic rate is much higher than in those who simply lose weight, but do not build muscles. In addition to strength exercises, consume more protein, because it is the building material for muscles. In addition, the protein is digested slower than fats or carbohydrates, and the body spends more calories on this process. Eat meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, and legumes.

strength exercises