be slim all life

A wise person, a talented writer and simply a gorgeous woman, who manages to stay slim throughout her entire life, even though having a sitting job, shared her thoughts on her way to slenderness.

Without lying to herself or anyone else, any woman will agree that any weight loss diet is a torture, or becomes a torture as the time goes by. And how nice it is to be slim and, looking at stout women, to think: “Eh, sausages, sausages, sausages! If I did not refuse you – I would look just the same way!”

1. Refuse all harmful food

Yes, it will be difficult, but you will have to do it, if you want to be slim.

2. Learn to count calories

To do this, you can simply take a notebook and write down in it all that you eat, as well as the number of calories that these foods contain.

A woman who does not engage in heavy physical labor does not need more than a thousand calories a day.

Here is the usual breakfast of the writer:

  • a sandwich with cheese (180 kcal),
  • coffee with sugar (60 kcal),
  • an egg (70 kcal).

3. Change your nutrition system

If you want to lose weight, you will need to change your nutrition system. Switch to tasty, healthy and wholesome menu.

4. Do not starve

In one of her books, the writer gives such advice:

You need to reduce calorie intake gradually,since the human body adapts to various difficulties very quickly.

Therefore, if you start eating, for example, only cabbage, it still will not endure this torture for a long time and will make its owner eat better. And then, the brains, frightened by the hunger strike, will want to create a reserve in case this situation repeats. As a result, you will not only gain the kilograms back, but will get a couple more in plus.

Therefore, the writer advises to cut your menu in a gradual way, in small steps:

  • you always have two sandwiches, start having just one sandwich;
  • you add four teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, start adding two teaspoons;
  • you usually have two hundred grams of nuts, start having no more than a hundred.

Do not starve

And six months later, you can cut the portions even more.

5. Use small plates

You will benefit a lot from reducing the size of plates that you use for serving your meals. It helps a lot from the psychologic point.

6. Buy very accurate scales

You will be able to notice small changes every day and will not let yourself go further in weight gain. As you reach the desired weight, you can afford having something out of the menu, but as soon as the indicator starts moving up, immediately review your nutrition and make the required adjustments.

7. Every morning, admire yourself in a full-height mirror

It will be even better if you take pictures of yourself on a regular basis. And when the scales begin to show changes, you can look through the pictures and remind yourself how things happened.

8. Exercising

It is very important to understand that you need to engage in sports or at least to morning exercises, when you are on your way to losing weight. Nothing helps to control weight gain, like physical exercise.