In 1959, Phentermine drug was approved by the FDA to fight against excess weight. In most countries of the world (including the USA) Phentermine is available on prescription only. Phentermine drug is manufactured by dozens of pharmaceutical companies. In the USA, for example, the trade license for Phentermine was given to the following companies:

  • Barr Pharmaceuticals
  • Elite Laboratory
  • KVK-TECH, Inc.
  • Lannett Company, Inc.
  • Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Mirror Pharmaceuticals
  • Vintage Pharmaceuticals
  • Mutual Pharmaceutical CO
  • Sandoz

All these companies sell Phentermine diet pills under the generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride. In addition, there are such Phentermine pills on the market that you can buy under the original trademarks Adipex-P (produced by Teva) and Suprenza (Citius Pharmaceuticals).

If you want to buy Phentermine, but you don’t know under what trade mark this anti-obesity drug is available at pharmacies, you can learn this information from your therapist or pharmacist.