Ionamin (Phentermine capsules) Reviews & Ratings

In 1959, Ionamin was approved by the FDA for treatment of obesity in adults. This drug is among the first anti-obesity drugs that became available on the U.S. pharmaceutical market.

Nowadays, Ionamin drug is no longer being sold within the USA. However, at the U.S. pharmacies, some other drugs contain anorexigenic agent Phentermine, just as Ionamin does.

There are over 10 companies that produce, distribute and supply the anti-obesity drugs, containing Phentermine. Therefore, within the USA, people can buy Phentermine tablets and capsules under different brand names (for instance, Suprenza and Adipex-P).

Ionamin capsules contain 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active substance Phentermine resin complex. This drug is prescribed to overweight people, who haven’t managed to lose weight by means of hypocaloric diet and physical activity.

Because Ionamin capsules help to lose weight rapidly, people, who suffer from obesity, can avoid obesity-related risks (cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes).

The mechanism of Ionamin action has not been fully studied yet. It is believed that this drug stimulates the brain area, which regulates hunger and satiety centers. Thanks to that slimming capsules Ionamin effectively suppress the appetite, people cease feeling hungry even if they eat smaller meals.

Despite the fact that during drug therapy the body gets a small amount of calories, person stays active all day long. The thing is that Ionamin capsules stimulate the central nervous system. It means that person feels more energized after having used these capsules.

It is recommended to take Ionamin only once a day, regardless of the obesity severity. If patient uses Ionamin capsules in the afternoon, the risk of insomnia increases.

  • Minimal Ionamin daily dose is 15mg.
  • Average Ionamin daily dose is 30mg.
  • Maximal Ionamin daily dose is 40mg.

The most common side effects of Ionamin are: headache, nausea and nervousness. Ionamin side effects typically appear at the beginning of anti-obesity therapy and disappear within several days.

Duration of weight loss therapy with Ionamin must never be more than three months. Before adding other drugs in the anti-obesity therapy, make sure Ionamin capsules do not affect the efficiency and safety of these drugs.

The weight loss drug is contraindicated in combination with any other appetite suppressant (e.g. Sibutramine, Mazindol, Diethylpropion, Lorcaserin).

Moreover, Ionamin slimming capsules are contraindicated to patients with history of severe cardiovascular diseases, depression or drug dependence.

To keep the result, achieved by the help of Ionamin (Phentermine), one should stay active and follow a diet even after a short-term anti-obesity therapy was over.