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How to obtain a package tracking number?

To get a tracking number, you have to login to your profile and click on your order status icon. Click Print Invoice icon and the tracking number for the order will appear in the form provided. Copy the tracking number and navigate to Then paste the tracking number and you will see the latest information about your order status.

How to know if the order was shipped?

We send orders to shipping department for dispatch at 10 a.m. every working day. If you placed an order in the afternoon, you order cannot be shipped the same day, it will be processed next day according to courier pickup cut-off schedule. The order package will be sent the next working day. And, please, consider weekends and holidays, if you order on Friday, then your order will be processed on Monday. But if Monday is a holiday, then your order will be processed on the next shipping day.

We deliver all our orders via USPS services, couriers, registered mail and priority international mail. If you indicated destination address at Texas State, we guarantee overnight deliver. We use first class mail providing the same delivery time as registered mail. All orders have tracking numbers, delivery confirmation, receipt signature and postal insurance included in the shipping cost. No hidden payment on our site. Visit to check the current order status.

How to cancel an item in the order or change amount of ordered medications?

Click “Login” link on the left of the Support Service. Check your current order details and status. To find and edit your order, click the “Change quantities / cancel orders” link; this can be done right after your order was placed. Please, pay attention that if an order has been processed or has shipped, you cannot modify or cancel it. For required assistance, please, contact our Support Service on [email protected]

How to track the order?

Click “Login” link on the left of the Support Service. You have to login to your profile, and then click on “View your order details”. Once you checked your current order status, click on the “Track your order” bottom. Your order tracking number will appear in the field. To check your order status copy and paste the order tracking number into the field on

What to do if the order is not arrived?

To track your order status, click “Login” link on the left of the Support Service. Be sure that you have received a confirmation mail that your order has been already shipped and click link to check your order status in transit. If your order shows the “Delivery Tracking Number” icon, check on for the current status. If your order displays as “Delivered” it means that the order was received by someone. If you are in U.S., click on the “signature confirmation” icon, and you will see the name of the recipient. Your order was shipped at the address indicated at the package and someone signed for your order without personal notification.

What to do if an item is missing from the order?

Click “Login” link on the left of the Support Service to track your order status. Check your order details to see if a second shipment was shipped to you because if the order was large, we could split your order into two. Check that all of the ordered items have been already shipped. If your order shows your “Order Tracking Number” icon, it means that the order was shipped. To check the order status in transit click If your order displays as “Delivered” please contact Support Service for assistance.

How long does the order delivery take?

Typically our delivery takes from two to five working days. We ship via registered mail service. International orders are shipped using international courier services or registered mail. Transit time may vary depending on the country of destination and rules of customs clearance. Typically transit time takes from five to seven working days.

What to do if an order is damaged or reshipped?

If the order was damaged, customers are asked to require a reshipment [email protected] You should request reshipment for lost or damaged orders. Our pharmacy does not refund for damaged orders. We guarantee reshipment of a new order to you to replace the damaged order. The same procedure is applied to reshipped orders. All orders are delivered by service or your country’s mail. The order tracking number indicates that the order is being processed at customs. This is a normal procedure, if you see that the package remains at customs more than 3 working days you are recommended to request them and find out why.

If the order was not shipped with a customs declaration, you are recommended to claim it as a present; most likely customs clears the order to the local post service without case.

Please learn our recommendations on the procedure if you need to claim a value. If the customs requires you to provide an invoice you can login to your profile and print out your invoice.

We use to dispatch orders and track international registered mail packages.

1. Watch the order status daily.

2. If your order does not change status more than 4 business days, you should then contact your postal office to see why your package is delayed.

Please be aware that we cannot change a shipment after it was picked up by the USPS system. Our pharmacy does not provide shipping service, to delivery all international packages, we use international registered mail. You are the importer for your order and are responsible for its progress once it has reached your countries customs.

Navigating on site you agreed with the terms and conditions of Phentemine 375 purchase. Our pharmacy agrees to ship all orders according to USA legislation and customs regulations. As the Importer our customers are responsible for their order importation.

Please, be aware that once the order tracking number from USPS united postal service shows that the order is at your countries customs, then the package is considered as delivered by our pharmacy.