Most diets aimed at weight loss are based on consumption of less amount of food and replacement of high-calorie foods with low-calorie. However, compilers of such diets do not think about how the person feels refusing this or that dish, whether his psyche suffers, and whether his body is ready for such radical changes or not. Therefore, it is worth thinking about use of special drugs without consequences and complications that reduce appetite and lead to a visible result without harm to the health.

Dietary supplements suppressing appetite

Dietary supplements provide a mild effect on the central nervous system and have a smaller list of contraindications than medications, but do not guarantee 100% of the result. Some people do not notice effect after using dietary supplements, but others notice it from the first days of their intake.

In general, dietary supplements include natural ingredients, the basis of which is hydroxycitric acid, which affects quality and speed of carbohydrates absorption contained in such favorite sweets as cakes, muffins, and candies. As a result, the person eats them several times less than usual.

Hoodia gordonii extract is a safe dietary supplement equated to Sibutramine (a substance that reduces appetite, but may cause serious harm to the body and addiction, but later it acquired a status of a safe one). In addition to suppression of the feeling of hunger, it stimulates physical activity.

Hoodia gordonii

Garcinia Cambodia is a means that decreases a desire to eat sweet foods, normalizes blood sugar level, and causes rapid satiety due to the fiber included in its composition.

Garcinia Cambodia

Caffeine can reduce appetite, improve mood and give strength to motor activity. This beverage is unsafe for people suffering from hypertension, as it increases blood pressure.