Food can cause addiction by kind of the drug addiction, say the scientists from the US National Institute on Drug Abuse. And it can be very difficult to wean from certain harmful products!

1. Pizza

Rare people can boast that they are not addicted to this product. 

Pizza is very tasty, yet so harmful!

Fatty, salty, hot, saturated with refined carbohydrates and fats, enhanced with all sorts of additives – are you sure you need all these?

The secret of love to pizza is that it, like no other product, is capable of stimulating the pleasure zone, scientists believe.


2. Chips

This product invariably leads to hedonistic hyperphagia, otherwise eating not for satisfying hunger, but for the sake of pleasure, experts believe.

According to insider information, many chips manufacturers, in addition to salt and spices, add to their product special “triggers”.


These are the substances that stimulate the pleasure center.

How else can you explain the fact that we can’t stop eating them after having just one chip?

3. Cookies, ice cream and cakes

Ever tried to eat one cookie? Just one? You just can’t do it! To get the best of pleasure, we consume about 300 grams in one sitting.

And we gain weight. Cookies contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat. And if you eat these products on a daily basis, you will certainly become a “cream addict”.

Cookies Ice Cream and Cakes

The same is true for cakes and ice cream. If you want to avoid gain weight, you can have a piece in the first part of the day. But then, you will get sleepy, since an excess of carbohydrates influences your body in a very bad way.

4. French fries

This product is highly addictive because of its high content of acrylamide.

Paradoxically, this dish does not give a sense of satiety! Eating a serving of french fries, you start feeling hungry again in an hour or so.This is due to the fact that fries stimulate your appetite.

French Fries

5. Burgers

What can we say… fast food never was a useful food, and if it also causes addiction… Well then, the choice is yours. Either you eat your favorite burgers and get fat, or eat healthy food and have attractive shapes.On a scale of addiction, fast food scored 3.51 points. And if we take into account the carcinogens that are found in all these fried patties, then… Are you sure you still love burgers?


6. Sweet soda drinks

Who would have thought that the habit of drinking soda or other sweetened water is so destructive!

At long use, soda disrupts your metabolism.

And if you’re used to drink it, do not be surprised that you keep gaining weight, even if you are engaged in sports. This product should better be refused in totally!

Sweet Soda Drinks

7. Coffee

There’s a very strange thing going on with this drink! It really does cause addiction. However, when it comes to harm for health, questions arise! Anyway, for now, the nutritionists and scientists have come to the conclusion that you can afford having three cups a day, without any prejudice to your body.

At that, you shouldn’t dilute your coffee with some weird cream (or whatever is called cream), add sugar and all sorts of chocolate-caramel dressings.