These young women are not celebrities, they did not have the opportunity to make an expensive surgery or hire a fashionable dietician. Yet, they dud have a very strong desire to lose weight and become beautiful – in defiance of those, who did not believe in them.

Excess weight is a real “plague” of the 21st century. However, these women coped with the “disease”, defeated overweight, proving to others that everything is possible. The main thing is to have the desire to do so.


Plus-size model Rosie Mercado always had “outstanding” forms and was embarrassed about her excess weight, yet she could not find the strength to get on a diet. In 2011, Rosie’s life turned over: her child was diagnosed with a cerebral paralysis, and her husband left the family.

The woman started eating up stress with fast food, and her weight very quickly reached the mark of... 185 kg. Life went downhill:

  • model agencies ceased to conclude contracts with Rosie,
  • childcare turned into hard work,
  • mockery and injustice from other people led to hysteria.

The blow off was an incident at the airport. An airline employee forced her to pay extra seat on the plane, because she allegedly would not fit into one chair. Rosie could not accept this humiliation and decided to start losing weight. Rosie’s diet was stretched for five years, during which she managed to lose about 108 kilograms.

“I started doing fitness, running and walking.This helped me lose my first 50 kilograms. I also managed to lose the same amount after the gastric bypass surgery while keeping to a low-carb diet. I work out six times a week, and do 15 thousand steps every day,”

said Rosie.


Today, the girl is again in demand as a model, yet her greatest happiness comes from the fact that she can be a true and all mighty mother for her children.


Like all romantic girls, the Englishwoman Jennifer Ginley dreamed of a beautiful wedding, a luxurious dress and a magical journey to exotic islands. But the excess weight of the girl, which by this day reached the mark of 120 kg, did not fit this ideal picture.

Therefore, Jennifer strictly forbade her young man (relationship with whom lasted more than 10 years) to propose to her until she lost weight. The bride must be slim, the girl decided and pulled herself together!


She refused:

  • chips,
  • fast food,
  • favorite Chinese food.

She realized that these and other delicacies were the reason of her current size. The girl got rid of 60 kg, was awarded the title of “Miss Slinky 2017” and the coveted engagement ring.

Before I lost weight, I felt more or less confident in my body, but I have a feeling that, in fact, I spent many years on an artificial smile, which I used to hide my displeasure with myself,” the girl told the subscribers.


The American Alvin Rhein never controlled her weight. Her usual menu contained:

  • fast food,
  • sweets,
  • regular snacks.

The scales showed more than 130 kg, and the number of calories reached 5000 per day, yet these did not bother the young woman. Alvin was so overweight that she wore exclusively men’s clothes, since women clothes simply did not fit on her. The girl’s boyfriend (thankfully former) made the woman take the path of “healing” by calling her a “piece of trash”!

It is an awfully insulting thing to hear, yet it did work. Alvin finished with overeating, got on a low-carb diet and began actively exercising.


Through keeping to her plan, Alvin lost 60 kilograms! Today, the young woman became the owner of a perfect body and… a beloved husband! The beauty talks with reluctance about her former boyfriend:

“I remember how he told me that no one else will want me if I leave him.He called me worthless, ugly and I was sure that I would not be able to lose a kilo, even if I really wanted to.”

The “hero” himself greatly regrets his words and even tried to get his beloved back, because these days she looks not worse than Hollywood stars.


A young teacher, Laura Michetich, suffered from obesity and weighed about 140 kg. The cause of such an impressive weight were attacks of bulimia, which Laura could not cope with. According to the woman herself, she often secretly made her way to the refrigerator and consumed sweets in huge portions, while no one sees her.

The turning point in the desire to change herself was a painful parting with the boyfriend after four years of relationship. But the main reason was the desire to be an example for students who, as Laura thought, did not take “fat woman” seriously.

The teacher switched to proper nutrition, began to actively exercise and managed to lose almost half of her weight in a year. More than 100 thousand people follow her Instagram today, and the girl happily notes:


“Now my main goal is just to be happy and healthy.I fell in love with the gym and go for weight training six times a week, but now it’s my way of life, and not a struggle to lose weight.”